System for the Protection of Whistleblowers

In accordance with Directive (EU) No. 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council from 23rd October 2019 on the protection of natural persons who report violations of Union law, it is possible to make such reporting by sending the completed form of Notification of regulation violation (the form can be downloaded in docx format here) to the address whistleblowing@nichias.cz or by filling and submitting the electronical interactive form below.

    Notification of regulation violation according to the Internal Regulations on the Protection of Whistleblowers of company NICHIAS AUTOPARTS EUROPE a.s.

    Whistleblower Initials

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    Provide all details to regulation violation, to which your Notification is related to, including the details on specific persons and identification of any evidence available:

    In the case of Notification reception request or the request about the conclusion of Notification Assessment at least one of the fields marked ** have to be filled.